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sell a vacant house in chicagoDo you have a vacant house in Chicago and need to sell it? We are professional cash buyers, real estate investors; we can purchase your vacant house in Chicago quickly and efficiently. Just contact us, and our customer care specialist will give you every detail you need to know about us and will discuss with you the possible solutions about your real estate problem.

Usually, the repairs, taxes, letters from the city or county, mortgage payments, insurance and much more are always a headache that takes away your peace of mind when a house sits vacant. From our own experience while buying vacant houses in Chicago for the past several years, we are familiar with all types of situations; be its leaky pipes, mod to fire damage or termite infestation. We will make you an offer no matter what the condition or shape of your vacant house in Chicago, feel free and call us. Always ready.

Why we buy vacant properties

Honestly, the primary objective here is to make money and help people, after buying a vacant house, we either; a) Fix the house up and resell it for profit on the open market or b) Fix it up and rent out the property.
We use a specific formula to determine our maximum allowable offer. It gives us the highest price we can pay for a property and still be able to make a profit with a reasonable, calculated risk. We assume all the responsibility of fixing it up, managing the rehab, hiring the contractors and not even being sure whether we are going to get a buyer increases the risk. We pay 80% of the market value minus the estimated repair cost. 20% extra money is our padding that covers our overhead and closing costs.

Reasons to sell a vacant house to an investor

It is fast and easy to deal with an investor; regardless of the condition of the house. No worry about hiring a contractor, paying for labor, material, fixing up the house, and all other burdens you leave to us. If you like our deal, give us a try, and you’ll be amazed by how we work things out. We can close the deal fast and use our own money. We give you the check within a week.

Win-win deals

We have been in this business for a long time, and this is what we always do; you have to be willing to sell your property a price range 80% minus repairs the buying formula determines. Don’t get us wrong please. we understand that not everyone is comfortable with our way of buying houses, but it has to be a win-win deal. That is if you don’t have time or means to get it listed with an agent and don’t want to deal with it any longer, you sell it to us and we do everything else for you. We can also link you up with agents whom we’ve been working with for a long time if you wish, it’s upon you to choose but feel free to approach us anytime. I promise we will be of help in one way or another. Contact us today at 773-234-8761

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